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What an EXPIRED day.

Posted on Jun 3, 2008 by in General | 0 comments

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Also known as The Fridge That Freeze My Orange Juice.

Well basically the fridge freeze my orange juice again. Mind that the orange juice was placed in the bottom level of the fridge, not the freezer! Like pretty amazing how it did it ‘cos it makes no sense that only QS’s milk and orange juice and my orange juice gt frozen! Other drinks look fine. Zzz.

After disposing my frozen orange juice, we just made more and more discovery about the amazing fridge. We shall name it the Expired Fridge.

It is full of expired stuffs! From fruits to drinks to ice cream and to raw food! Can you believe it?! Stuffs dating back to 2002 – 2007!? I mean my goodness! This is one poisonous fridge and we are still happily using it. Wonder how much poison we had came in contact with for the past 10 months we are in DSTA. o.O

Expired Coca Cola. Expired Potong Ice Cream. Expired AND Frozen Oranges. Expired Yogurt. Expired Raw French Fries. Expired this and that that it’s driving us crazy. And the smell is disgusting!

Then the noobie team set out to clean the fridge. Ha! You can imagine the shock on everyone’s faces in DSTA when all of them saw us cleaning the fridge. R told F and moi that we can helped clean his fridge at home. CH said we can help clean his desk area. CW said we can help clean the cupboard of books. Hahaha! It was damn funny ‘cos both of us were known for doing a throughout clean-up of our lab. Hahah! But it wasn’t just us! It was the whole noobie team. Hiakz.

So we threw and cleaned and washed. FINALLY! It’s Spick and Span! It’s as good as new now! We are so proud of ourselves though. Hahaha!

Just hope my orange juice is not frozen tomorrow.

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