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Youth Days.

Posted on Jun 1, 2008 by in General | 0 comments

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SYZ called me just now! I mean it wasn’t exactly a surprise but just that it has been centuries since I heard his voice through the phone. Actually I don’t remember when was the last time I heard his voice through the phone. Counting back, must be 5 – 6 years ago.

So who is this SYZ. He’s the one person that will always remind me of how daring I was back then. He’s was the ONE AND ONLY one guy who I had ever confessed to AND got REJECTED. Hahaha! How sad isn’t it?!

The act was carried out ‘cos I didn’t want regrets after what happened between me and the stupid TTC (Oops!). So I kind of confessed to this really irritating, noisy and what-not guy back then in JC.

And today. Just now. He actually reminded me of the letter I gave him. The presents I gave him. How I remember his birthday. How I was this pissed off at him for being him. Whatever I cannot remember now, he remembers. And he actually kept all the presents and letter!

No. He’s not calling me ‘cos he wants to know me again and whatever. He’s just catching up with me again after all these years of no-contact (only occasional chit-chat along the walkway to the 198 bus-stop outside SoC). And most probably he wants to build up some client base for his new work: Financial Advisor.

But nevertheless, it was good catching up with him. Just that when he mentioned those stuffs that I did in the past, it kind of make me embarrassed about what I have done ‘cos I really doubt I will do it now. Haha! I can’t believe how daring I was back then. There were a lot of unbelievable things I did back then I wouldn’t do now.

Days of Youth. Indeed.

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